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Celebrating the lives and memory of two beautifully caring people


On the 30th of April, 2012 the lives of  Donald and Kayako Mann were remembered and celebrated through a wonderfully

generous gift of $42,000.00 to Brookhaven Youth Ranch.  When Donald was a young boy, his family had some problems

which resulted in him going to live in a boy's home, not unlike Brookhaven Youth Ranch.


 Soon after leaving the boy's home he joined the military to serve his country.

 He took advantage of the educational opportunities provided by the Armed

 forces and learned several languages including Japanese, Vietnamese and

 some Chinese. He survived several wars during his service to America including

 World War II, the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War. During his service, Donald

 received both a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. While overseas,  Donald met and

 married his beautiful wife Kayako, who was living in Nara, Japan at the time.


 After retiring from an exemplary and honor filled military career, the couple settled

 for a time in California.  Donald's second career was in civil service and Kayako

 worked as a housekeeper. After retiring from civil service, the couple relocated

 to Harker Heights, Texas where they lived for the remainder of their lives.


The Mann's did not have any children, but enjoyed the fellowship of numerous friends from the central Texas area and from

their collective past.  Donald passed away approximately 3 years ago and Kayako joined her husband in death last year.


They are both buried at the Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery located South of State

 Highway 195, and just South of  Killeen, Texas. It seems fitting that the couple who devoted

 so much of their    lives in service to their country are buried near the largest army base

 (Fort Hood) in the world.


 Never forgetting the help that he received as a child from the boy's home where he grew

 up, the couple left a large portion of their estate to "an organization that helps young people".


 Executive Director, Dennis Cooke, gratefully accepts the donation presented by Ms. Neggie

 Loudermilk, executor of the Mann estate, in the memory of  Donald and Kayako Mann.


 The children and staff of Brookhaven Youth Ranch will remain forever grateful. 



Our Prescription Drug Management Program Gets a Modern Upgrade


 Providing youth, who are prescribed medication, the right drug, for the right youth and in the right dosage, with accurate

documentation is essential for the effective treatment of emotional and behavioral problems which occur with the youth we



Brookhaven has purchased and is installing a secure computer based and internet driven medication management software

system. This innovative "Medright" system will markedly reduce the likelihood of medication errors and will make documenting

dispensed medication much more accurate and convenient.


Referral sources will have available to them on request, comprehensive and detailed reports concerning a youth's medication

history while at Brookhaven Youth Ranch. We are excited about this new addition to our treatment regimen.






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